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Chris Matthews' Wild Rant: Beck & Limbaugh Are 'Evil' Liars for Denying Climate Change


"he really hates 'so called objective journalism' where 'even-handedness' forces reporters to give credibility to both sides of an argument"

If you're a fan of wild rants, this is your story. If you are easily angered by the liberal media and people who trumpet global warming as "fact," as well as people who call those unwilling to accept the liberal agenda on climate change "anti-science," then this is not. But if you want to see Chris Matthews do just that, while calling Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck liars who are "evil," you might want to continue reading.

Matthews, known for his liberal rants on his "Hardball" show, got quite worked up Wednesday night while discussing global warming and climate change. The impetus was Al Gore's article in Rolling Stone saying President Obama hasn't done enough to advance climate-change policy, while also blaming the media's reporting on the issue. The latter point is the one Matthews really latched on to. According to him, the conservative media is hoodwinking the American people, leading them to doubt the "facts" about global warming and climate change.

In fact, he even went on to make the audacious claim that in cases like this, "objective journalism" is inappropriate. Mediate gives the unbelievable blow-by-blow:

Matthews argued that the Republican party is lining itself up as “anti-science” and selling half the country “nonsense.” He singled out Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, the Wall Street Journal editorial page and the Chamber of Commerce as being guilty of pandering to business interests and declared “these people are evil in what they are doing.” Especially since Matthews doesn’t believe Beck or Limbaugh are stupid, he thinks their motives are not well-intentioned. And in a quote that will surely get some of Matthews’ own critics excited, he admits that on certain issues like climate, he really hates “so called objective journalism” where “even-handedness” forces reporters to give credibility to both sides of an argument when one side just isn’t true.

As a bonus, Matthews said Al Gore was cheated out of the 2000 election and attacked the "fundamentalists" who latch on to creationism.

If your blood easily boils, turn away now. Otherwise, here is the cringe-worthy bloviation interview:

Yes, you really just heard a so-called journalist lament the fact that other journalists would do balanced reporting and present both sides. And what Matthews doesn't realize, or doesn't want to admit, is that there are plenty of conservatives who aren't denying that climate change exists, but instead they believe that it's cyclical and the U.S. shouldn't base drastic policy on regular weather patterns.

Is there really any doubt by now that MSNBC has lost all credibility?

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