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Ink-redible Dress Made Out of Vibrating Pen Nibs


“They’re cheap and low-power.”

Pen Nib Dress from John Nussey on Vimeo.


Ink pens and calligraphy aren’t exactly the go-to for communication any more, so two designers have given 795 pen nibs a new lease of life in the world of fashion.

In the above video and Wired UK’s gallery, you can see the remarkable construction of the originally named Pen Nib Dress, a shiny, pointy stunning garment created by creative technologist John Nussey and Central St. Martins Womenswear student Steven Tai for his final degree show.

The two blended their creative and technical talents to create an A-line dress that uses moveable, vibrating pen nibs as an alternative to sequins or beading.

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