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NBC Trumpets Global Warming, Quotes Al Gore in Piece on Modern-Day Noah's Ark


"Al Gore predicted as much in the movie..."

Dutch builder Johan Huibers is building a modern-day Noah's Ark. He had a dream 20 years ago that a great flood was coming, so he decided to build a giant boat modeled after Noah's biblical boat. Seems innocent enough, and interesting. That's probably why NBC's "Today" show decided to cover it. But what is less certain is why the reporter decided to trumpet global warming and quote Al Gore and his movie, "An Inconvenient Truth."

Here's how Michael Inbar put it in the text version of the story:

Unfortunately for the Netherlands, and especially the city of Dordrecht, which has been hard-hit by floods several times in its history, Huibers’ ominous dream of 20 years ago has become more of a reality. In the Oscar-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” former U.S. Vice President Al Gore warned of the future melting of Greenland’s ice, which he said would be “absolutely devastating” to the low-lying Netherlands.

This is how correspondent Janet Shamlian put it in the video version Wednesday(via NewsBusters):

"Today's" pandering to the global warming agenda is especially unfortunate because the information about Huibers's ark is quite interesting. For example, he's been building his ark for three years at a cost of $1.6 million; he's building it as close as possible to the exact specifications laid out in the Bible; it can hold 1,500 people; and it may even make an appearance at the 2012 Olympics.

You can watch the full report below:

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