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Dramatic Vid Captures Strangers Rescuing Motorcyclist From Fiery Blaze


"He's on fire! He's on fire!"

When a motorcycle and a car recently collided in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, flames erupted. In a split second, the motorcyclist found himself trapped beneath the fiery wreckage. Without pause, brave strangers ignored the extreme heat and dangerous conditions and rushed to the driver's rescue. has more:

Walter Rivera, 24, of Feltonville, had been speeding his Suzuki north on Wyoming, down a hill from an old railroad bridge, when a woman driving a car made an illegal U-turn, police said. Rivera skidded into the car, sparks and flames flying. The bike burst into fire. Rivera was trapped underneath, unconscious...

John Solecki, a 51-year-old SEPTA revenue manager, was checking e-mails at his Second and Wyoming office when he heard screeching tires and a crash through his closed window.

Solecki's secretary began to scream, "He's on fire, he's on fire!" Immediately, Solecki ran outside and, with a neighbor's help, pulled Rivera to the side of the road.

Luckily, Rivera, who was without a helmet and wearing shorts, survived the ordeal. In the end, he walked away having sustained some broken bones and burns. Watch the shocking video below:

(h/t FOX News Insider)

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