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Dramatic Video: Thai Security Officials Duck and Cover as Roadside Bomb Explodes


Attack believed to have been the work of Islamists.

Russia Today has posted dramatic video showing security officials running for their lives as a roadside bomb, believed to have been planted by Islamists,* explodes in Thailand.

According to the video's description, officials were investigating a previous explosion near an irrigation canal which had already killed two irrigation workers. As the officers and bomb squad were investigating, another bomb went off directly beside the men. The tail end of the explosion was caught on video, and shows the officers running for their lives and hitting the ground:

Six officers were injured in the blast, which officials said was detonated by a cell phone. After further investigation, officials found a third bomb nearby.


The Associated Press is reporting that police believe Islamist militants are responsible for the attacks:

Police Col. Nitinai Langyanay said the first bomb in Narathiwat province killed two irrigation workers Friday and wounded five others, while a second one about 1 kilometer (one-half mile) away wounded a soldier.

Bomb removal officers then tried to defuse a third bomb only three meters (yards) away from the second one but it exploded, wounding seven policemen. It is a standard practice of the insurgents to plant a second bomb to go off when security officials arrive to investigate an explosion.

More than 4,300 people have been killed in Thailand's three southern provinces since an Islamist insurgency flared in 2004.

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