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Too Hot for the HuffPo': Read the Gaza Flotilla Blog Post They Wouldn't Publish


"Not for us."

David Harris is Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee.  The New York Times has called the AJC  "the dean of American Jewish organizations."  So it's not that radical an outfit.  But the position taken by David Harris on the Gaza flotilla seems to be a little too radical to be included on The Huffington Post.

Harris has been a blogging on the site for a good while.  He's posted nearly 50 times in the last two years.

But he is now telling Powerline that his latest effort was rejected:

I was told by HuffPo that an article submitted was "not for us." It's below. I ask you to read it and decide for yourself. Apropos, the same article was published on my Jerusalem Post blog earlier this week.

So, is the post by Harris all that objectionable?  Let's see:

We're on the verge of another "flotilla" to Gaza. Estimates of the number of ships and participants vary from day to day, tending downward, but the erstwhile organizers insist that the maritime operation will take place.

Their spokesmen have been hyperactive in drawing attention to the event. After all, without coverage, they'd be denied their oxygen. And the kind of coverage they seek - idealistic humanists and peace activists determined to aid the poor, beleaguered residents of Gaza versus stone-hearted oppressors in military uniforms determined to block them at all costs - would, needless to say, portray Israel in the worst possible light.

The International Solidarity Movement, Free Gaza Movement, U.S. Boat to Gaza, and kindred spirits want the world to believe there is a strip of land called Gaza that, left to its own devices, would create the Shangri-La of the Middle East.

Pretty outrageous, right?  Read the rest of the Harris post at Powerline by clicking here.

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