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Is Bachmann Crazy For Believing God Has Given Her a 'Sense of Assurance' to Run for the Presidency?


"Are you there God?"

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann has spoken candidly about her Christian faith in the past. In fact, her openness has often made her a target for journalists and bloggers who do not seem to understand her beliefs. As we covered last week, some have taken these faith-based attacks to elevated levels.

Yesterday, the GOP presidential contender, once again, ignited chatter when she answered a question about her beliefs on CBS' "Face the Nation." When asked by host Bob Schieffer if she has prayed regarding past political runs, she responded affirmatively. She also said that she has a "sense of assurance" that God wants her to run in 2012. According to UPI, she went on to further discuss her faith:

Bachmann told CBS' "Face the Nation" she "gave my heart to Jesus Christ" at age 16 and prayed to God about seeking political office on the state and federal levels.

"That's really what that means," she said. "It means that -- that I have a sense of assurance about the direction I think that God is speaking into my heart that I should go."

In response to these statements, some outlets seemed perplexed. Newser quipped:

Who knew God kept tabs on GOP party politics? Apparently, he gives Michele Bachmann an inner "sense" about what office to seek when she consults him...

The presidential candidate did not discuss God's feelings about the reported federal subsidies her family has received—the same kind of subsidies she's opposed to.

The Daily Beast poked fun at Bachmann's statements as well:

Are you there God? It’s your favorite Republican politician, Michele Bachmann. The congresswoman revealed to Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation that it was God that gave her a “sense” to run for president. The Tea Party favorite, however, did not disclose whether this is a legal campaign endorsement.

Bachmann critic Bill Prendergast seems to have some serious worries over the politician's ongoing public pronouncements about her reliance upon God. In a recent CNN blog post, he was quoted as saying:

That’s incredible to me, that there’s so much space devoted to Michele Bachmann after New Hampshire—but none of the news media seems to have turned up the fact that she claimed publicly that Jesus Christ came to her directly–and sent her prophetic visions, visions of the future complete with visuals.

And it’s incredible to me that current news media profiles don’t mention Bachmann’s other public claim: that God comes to her at regular intervals throughout her life—and gives her direct, verbal instructions on what to action to take. And that she told the church that this kind of stuff happened to her all the time, throughout her life.

While Bachmann's statements that the Lord speaks her may seem odd to non-believers, this notion -- that God connects with human beings -- is central to most Christian denominations. Thus, it's not atypical to hear others making similar pronouncements. Below, you can see Bachmann comment on God's "endorsement" of her White House run:

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