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Teen Survives 20-Feet, Head-First Fall Off Escalator During Drunk Hijinx


"My back's killing me."

Shane O'Malley, an 18-year-old from Cambridge, MA, is lucky to be alive today. That's because he survived a 20-feet fall from an escalator during a recent drunk hijinx. And he doesn't even remember it.

Here's the shocking video:

WCVB-TV has the details:

"We had been to a concert -- the Dispatch concert. We had been drinking before the concert and then at the concert and I, obviously, got too drunk and was irresponsible," O'Malley said.

Within seconds, O'Malley lost his balance and fell to the concrete floor below. He lay motionless for several minutes as friends gathered around him.

O'Malley was taken Beth Israel Hospital for treatment. He was released after treatment for a fractured elbow, according to his family.

"My back's killing me. It might just be wicked stiff but it's making it really difficult to get around," he said.

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