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Free Bird? Mizzou Man Given Ticket for Flipping Off Another Driver


"violation of freedom of speech"

When St. Louis-area resident Steve Pogue got caught at a green light because another driver stopped in the middle of the intersection, he got frustrated. That frustration led to a gesture. That gesture, believe it or not, led to a ticket.

The "gesture" was the middle finger, and Pogue flashed it to the other driver in April. Now, he's fighting the ticket he got as a result of it.

After flipping his finger, a police officer pulled him over and charged him under an obscure ordinance that says drivers are only allowed to have their arms outside their vehicles if they are signaling. Ironically, though, Pogue says that's exactly what he was doing:

Pogue is challenging the ticket on free speech grounds, and he cited a similar case in Pittsburgh as precedent.

“They threw it out at the U.S. District court (level) as a violation of freedom of speech," he told KMOX-RADIO.

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)

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