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Huffington Post to Readers: 'Create Your Own Religion


"He will come back in the age of guacamole to defeat the evil one."

Disenchanted with the current religious options available for observance? If so, you're in luck. Earlier this week, The Huffington Post launched a satirical campaign that invited readers to create their own religion. The contest, which has already stopped accepting submissions, will offer up a number of new "faith" options for anxious seekers. Below, you can read the initial contest information:

You’ve got the long hair, the nice bushy beard, and lots of beliefs, but you don’t have the 2.2 billion adherents worldwide. Or perhaps you’re chubby and like to sit cross-legged, but no one is making statues of you. Or maybe you’re a mediocre sci-fi writer that wants people speaking your psuedoscience.

Well now you can be the next Jesus, the next Buddha, or even the next L. Ron Hubbard. Sign up now to create-your-own religion. You name it, write down the beliefs, rituals, and holidays. We will then post the best submissions on our site and allow you to compete for followers.

The online news portal received 906 submissions, which will be added to a slideshow created to showcase each new religious system. Currently, there are 113 fictitious belief systems posted.

One proposed religion called "9th Order Of The Eternal Pringles" claims the following:

We the chosen of the ninth order believe that the universe was willed into existence by the holy barbecue flavored pringles. Long can form. He will come back in the age of guacamole to defeat the evil one; original flavor pringles. Short can form.

Then, there's the "The Tea Party of America," a religion that prides itself on taxing the poor, praising the wealthy and worshiping Ronald Reagan. Its rituals? "The handing out of the dividends checks." And, its major holiday is Ayn Rand's birthday.

There's likely something there to offend everyone. You can find all of the proposed religions here. For those who may, indeed, find annoyance or offense in the initiative, USA Today's Cathy Lynn Grossman writes:

Now, don't get huffy on Princeton's former Associate Dean of Religious Life Paul Raushenbush who took over HuffPost religion this spring. It's on the HuffPost comedy page, not the religion pages where folks would certainly know this cute idea is as old as Methuselah, or at least as old at Timothy Leary.

While it's sort of an odd idea, it certainly seemed to generate some interest.

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