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Morning Joe' - A Day After Mark Halperin's Insult, Show Replays Mitt Romney Incest Joke


Just 24 hours after TIME Magazine editor and MSNBC contributor Mark Halperin referred to President Obama using a vulgar and unflattering term, Morning Joe returns to air and opens their Friday show replaying a clip of Jon Stewart delivering a piece of comedy targeting Mitt Romney with a tasteless incest joke:

The clip was played at the same time of day as Halperin's crude comment.  This seems odd considering during the apologies delivered by hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski at the start of the 8 am hour: great care was taken by both hosts to discuss their sensitivities to show content because so many children are watching the show with their parents.

Perhaps MSNBC/NBC's policy deems it offensive to say vulgar things about the President of the United States, but attacking the leading Republican candidate using old, tired, stereotypical and offensive comments is just fine.

Additionally worth noting is the network has now decided to post the actual offensive moment when Mr. Halperin insulted the President:

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Yesterday, MSNBC's videoclip archive section from "Morning Joe" edited around the off-color utterance. Following Thursday's show, Halperin was suspended indefinitely and NBC issued a formal, written apology (which Mark Halperin supported).

So, the question remains, if Halperin's insult to Obama was so improper as to warrant "indefinite suspension" and a formal apology, why has MSNBC chosen to post it for all to see? And why is incest all of the sudden okay?

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