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SCOTUS to Hear Case on FBI GPS Car Tracking Without Warrant


You might want to take a look under your rear bumper after reading this. It was in that spot that a U.S. college student found a tracking device the FBI planted on his car without a warrant last year. The Supreme Court has recently decided it will hear the case on whether the FBI action was constitutional or a violation of the young man's privacy. MSNBC:

The 20-year-old college student who was being followed, Yasir Afifi, was born in Santa Clara, California, and is a half-Egyptian, half-American Muslim and U.S. citizen. Afifi is the son of a prominent Muslim community leader who travels frequently to Egypt and the Middle East. When the object was initially discovered the FBI did not respond to why Afifi was being followed and only commented to ABC News that: "Court decisions have consistently upheld that there is no warrant necessary for GPS tracking of a vehicle when the vehicle is in a public space."

Perhaps not for long, as the justices have agreed to decide whether secretly installing and using a device amounts to the same thing as putting agents in a car and tailing someone.

What do you think? Fair or Foul?

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