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Gallup: Never in Obama's Presidency Has Majority Believed Economy Improving


...and the economy is the number one issue among voters.

Never once in Barack Obama's 29 months of presidency have a majority of Americans believed the nation's economy is getting better. That's the latest according to one Gallup poll. Of all the months, no more than 41 percent of Americans ever believed the economy was getting better -- and the last time that was, was in February. By June only a scant 34 percent believed the economy was on the mend. reports:

In the most recent three day-period reported by Gallup—July 1-July 3—only 31 percent of Americans said they believed the economy was getting better. Meanwhile, 63 percent said they believed it was getting worse.

Each day, Gallup asks approximately 500 American adults a simple question: Do they think that economic conditions in the country as a whole are getting better or getting worse? Gallup then regularly publishes the most recent three-day average percentage for each answer, while periodically publishing the monthly averages.

With the economy being the number one issue among voters -- and the chance it might not improve in any significant way as we approach 2012 -- Obama certainly has his work cut out for him.

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