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So Which GOP Presidential Candidate Has the Worst Campaign Logo?


"It kind of looks like a scrapbooking sticker."

We associate most major brands with their logo. When first hearing the word Microsoft, you think windows. Ralph Lauren? Polo player. The same goes from presidential candidates. Which GOP 2012 hopeful will top President Obama's successful "O" logo in 2008?

It almost feels like a hotel logo or something. Or an app "Do you need a president? There's an app for that" ouch.

Fox 13 KSTU:

"As the presidential election heats up, images for candidates' campaigns will be splashed across the country, most containing their official logo. Some prove successful, others an eyesore. The Summit Group, an advertising and public relations firm in Salt Lake City, took a look at candidates' early visuals.

Obama's trademark 'O' is considered one of the most successful logos since 'I Like Ike.'

'The Obama logo was really successful because anyone who looked at it kind of got it,'said James Rabdau, VP and Creative Director for The Summit Group. 'It created a beautiful opportunity to create this sort of like new day dawning over America.'

Republican candidates in the 2012 presidential election show a trend; red, white and blue all over."

Interesting. Still lets hope voters will take the time to learn a little more about candidates aside from their logo.

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