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Gaza in Lap of Luxury: Israeli Aid Includes Daily Shipment of Mercedes, HDTV’s and Jacuzzis

Gaza in Lap of Luxury: Israeli Aid Includes Daily Shipment of Mercedes, HDTV’s and Jacuzzis

There is "absolutely no humanitarian crisis" in Gaza.

Despite their claims of suffering impoverished conditions due to alleged humanitarian aid blockades imposed by Israel -- Palestinians actually seem to be living high on the hog, enjoying a laundry list of luxury goods delivered directly to them by Israel.  According to an UnDhimmi report, Israel has increased its delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. In addition to basic necessities the "aid" even reportedly includes daily shipments of  Mercedes, high definition televisions, jacuzzi tubs,and frost-free refrigerators. Israeli officials cite the country's humanitarian aid policies for the reported 15% increase in Gaza's GDP.

Israel, while under a constant barrage of rocket and mortar fire from Gaza, still seems to take the term "high-road" to the next level.

IDF’s Coordinator of Government Activities in Judea and Samaria, Major General Eitan Dangot discussed Israeli relief measures in Gaza:

Among the measures taken were: increasing the number of trucks that transport goods into the Gaza Strip, renovating the land crossings into Gaza and increasing the range of goods allowed into the Strip, approving extensive projects in Gaza funded by members of the international community, increasing the export of agricultural produce from Gaza, and increasing the amount of entry and exit permits from Gaza into Israel for Gaza’s residents.

Dangot’s comments are in line with an illustrative video released by the IDF spokesperson’s office last week. The video details the amount of goods Israel transfers to the inhabitants of Gaza on any given week. This includes 6,000 tons of goods (around 260 truckloads) which are transferred into Gaza on a daily basis. The products transferred into the Strip include baby food, poultry, vegetables, construction materials, and other miscellaneous goods such as medicine, clothing, electrical equipment and hygiene products.

Major General Dangot noted further that Israel even regularly transfers luxuries into the Strip, including LCD screens, luxury cars such as Mercedes and Hyundai jeeps, modern refrigerators, and whirlpool bathtubs. He emphasized that these goods enter Gaza daily and are not part of any special one-time deliveries.

This IDF video features truckloads of luxury goods making their way into Gaza. Items include Mercedes, LCD TV's, jacuzzis and frost-free refrigerators:

Dangot stressed that Israel's civilian policies toward Gaza prove there is not in fact a  "humanitarian crisis" in Gaza, as is claimed by Hamas and pro-Palestinian activists including organizers of the Freedom Flotilla 2.

He added that Israel’s policy towards Gaza’s population has led to an improvement in the Gaza Strip and has resulted in an increase in the living standards there. He added that evidence shows that there has been an increase of 15% in the GDP in the Gaza Strip, and an increase of approximately 11% in the GDP per capita.

Below is a picture of the luxurious Gaza Grand Palace hotel:

It seems "human rights abuses" do not normally include daily shipments of Mercedes and Whirlpools. What say you?

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