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Wednesday must-reads


Happy birthday Nancy Reagan and George W. Bush!

Mitt Romney's campaign raises $18.25 million in second quarter. Less than expected, but still more than anyone else.

China's central bank raises interest rates for the third time this year in a government effort to fight off high inflation.

Felix Salmon asks if President Obama will provoke a constitutional crisis to end debt-ceiling negotiations, and if the President is aware of the dangerous implications of such action.

Malkin sheds light on Obama's “Office of Public Engagement," AKA 17 high paid White House staffers publicly subsidized to produce Obama spin.

John Stossel calls on Americans to wake up, and stop buying the college scam.

Former Huntsman campaign manager and chief of staff endorses Romney.

Heritage foundation study shows that at current pace, unemployment will not return to pre-recession levels until 2018

NPR Audio: White House study sheds light on EPA's failure to create jobs, and ability to run up costs.

British PM David Cameron under pressure to act on phone hacking scandal. MPs heated debate on launching a public inquiry into the scandal:

New RNC ad says that Obama has driven America in the wrong direction:

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