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Daily Beast Writer Claims Some GOP Hopefuls Are Part of a Racist, 'White Supremacist Stampede'?


"The Tea Party...run like scared rabbits when called racists."

Buckle up for this one. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Newsweek reporter and Daily Beast writer Eve Conant claims in a recent piece that there is a 'stampede' of racist, neo-Nazi loving GOP politicians running for office in the coming electoral cycle -- and she ties it directly to the Tea Party.

Paraphrasing will not suffice; here is Ms. Conant, in her own words:

"Former (and current) Neo Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members, neo-Confederates, and other representatives of the many wings of the “white nationalist” movement are starting to file paperwork and print campaign literature for offices large and small, pointing to rising unemployment, four years with an African-American president, and rampant illegal immigration as part of a growing mound of evidence that white people need to take a stand."

With her thesis in place, Conant cites this example to make the reader believe a white power movement is ascendant:

In May, the National Socialist Movement’s Jeff Hall hit national headlines in a bizarre tragedy: his murder, allegedly at the hands of his 10-year-old son. But before his death, he had campaigned for a low-level water board position in Riverside, California. The swastika-wearing plumber who patrolled the U.S. border paramilitary-style walked away with almost 30 percent of his community’s vote.

Conant concedes that the position of water board member (not even the head or chairman of the board, mind you) in Riverside is 'low-level.' But more importantly, it seems worth asking the question: does anyone in Riverside know who runs in the water board election? Anything about those candidates at all? Is it just a list of random names nobody cares about-- on the off chance they show up for the local election anyway?

As for other evidence that white power movements are surging towards elected office,  The Wall Street Journal astutely asks in "The Running of the Bull" this question: "In a country of 300 million, what does the Daily Beast call nine state legislative candidates, eight of whom lose? A stampede!"

Conant also ensures that the casual reader ties the Tea Party to the white power 'stampede' with a quote from Don Black, founder of the largest white supremacist website in the US-- Stormfront:

“Many of our people are involved in the Tea Party,” says Black.

“But much of their leadership is skittish when it comes to talking about racial realities. The Tea Party is a healthy movement but many are too conditioned to run like scared rabbits when called racists.”

Perhaps we should ask the Daily Beast what to make of this: The American Communist Party has endorsed Barack Obama for president in 2012.

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