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Friday morning must-reads


Ha: Dem senator begs supposedly evil conservative Koch brothers for money

CNBC's Rick Santelli delivers another epic on-air rant

Head-scratcher: Cooling weather pattern used as evidence of global warming

Surprise: ATF's controversial "Gunrunner" project received stimulus funds

GOP rep: Obama administration is not enforcing existing gun laws

Obama administration to propose new gun control regs

Report: EPA funds green groups who sue to give EPA more authority

Top Obama advisor thinks 2012 voters won't care about rising unemployment

Trickle down economics: Teaching Obama an economics lesson

Obama’s oil company tax proposal would jeopardize thousands of jobs

Charles Krauthammer: Obama is a totally un-serious president

Elizabeth Smart joins ABC News as missing persons correspondent

Political correctness gone mad at Ground Zero

Freed Gitmo prisoner back on the Most Wanted Terrorists list

Steven Crowder sounds off on Casey Anthony verdict:

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Moose attacks Alaska woman walking her dog: 'Watch out! Watch out!'

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