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Blaze Video of Rep. Ellison Bashing Bachmann Triggers Widespread Discussion


"That is offensive."

On Monday, The Blaze was the first to notice some bold, brash, and blatantly untrue comments made by Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) about fellow Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. According to him, Bachmann is "offended" by strong, powerful women, and would rather women be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

Here's the original video we brought you early Monday morning:

Those are striking comments. As such, they've stirred up quite the discussion.

For example, Gretchen Carlson had some strong words for Ellison on Tuesday's "Fox and Friends."

"That is offensive," she said. "How dare you say that about any woman. You don't know what she wants. You don't know that she thinks it's okay to be back in the kitchen pregnant. Are you kidding me?"

Coincidentally, (and as we point out on the blog) the segment with Carlson's comments was captured by the left-wing website, Media Matters:

The comments were also a hot topic among the panelists on Fox's new show, "The Five." Andrea Tantaros said Ellison doesn't have a "leg to stand on" considering Bachmann's education. Still, liberal Bob Boeckel showed an old video of Bachmann saying that wives must submit to their husbands, and used it to somewhat support Ellison's claim:

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