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Nanny state: Get thin, but not TOO thin


On the one hand, the government doesn't want you to get too fat.  But now, it worries that all this talk about body shape and size might give you a psychological complex and cause you to become too thin. What to do, what to do...

In typical progressive fashion, two Democratic reps are working to tackle the issue of negative body image... with more legislation!

The DC reports:

Despite the obesity epidemic, North Carolina Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan, Wisconsin Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin, and Academy Award-winning actress Geena Davis are pushing legislation to encourage the media to produce healthier images of women.

They say women and girls feel overly pressured to be thin.

The trio convened with teenage Girl Scouts Wednesday to promote their bill, the Healthy Media for Youth Act, which would facilitate research on how the media affects women, create a grant program for youth empowerment groups, and establish a National Taskforce on Women and Girls in the Media to set standards ”that promote healthy, balanced, and positive images of girls and women.”

“Children are consuming more media than ever, but unfortunately, the images they see often reinforce gender stereotypes, emphasize unrealistic body images or show women in passive roles. The need for more positive images of girls in the media is clear,” said Baldwin. “I’m proud to sponsor legislation that will help girls and young women see themselves in a new and stronger light.”

Taxpayers will now pay to make sure kids don't get too fat or skinny.  Additionally, the government won't just be your nanny, it will be your therapist, too!

(Well, only for girls because our psyches are apparently much more fragile than our male counterparts and more susceptible to such negative images.  Sorry boys, you don't matter so much.)

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