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The Future is Here: These 'Transition' Flying Cars Approved as 'Street Legal'


"It has a top speed of 65mph on the road, but that soars to 115mph in the air."

This may be the clearest sign yet that the "Jetsons" -- that old futuristic cartoon -- is becoming reality.

A line of flying cars has just been approved as street legal in Florida. The cars were approved for flight last year by the FAA.

The machine is called the "Transition," -- by a company called Terrafugia -- and is fully car and fully airplane. You can theoretically drive it to the airport and then then fly it to your final destination.

WTSP-TV in Florida reports on the vehicle, which is slated to hit roads, and the air, late next year:

The vehicle costs roughly $250,000 and requires a $10,000 deposit to order one. But while that may seem pricey, owners who buy one might actually end up saving some money: developers say the vehicle gets about 30-35 miles per gallon on the road.

Terrafugia has been developing the futuristic vehicle since 2008. Below, you can catch a glimpse of the vehicle in action courtesy of the company: confirms the Transition is the first of its kind, and gives some of the specs:

The Transition requires a 520 metres strip to take off over a 15m tall obstacle and is capable of cruising at around 200km/h. The unique craft also has a range of around 700km before it needs to land and refuel. Interestingly, the Transition apparently has an average fuel consumption of 7.8L/100km on the road.

The Daily Mail says the automobile can convert in about 30 seconds with a touch of a button, and is operated by both a steering wheel and a joystick:

It measures 19ft long and just 5ft 6ins wide when the wings are folded up, but they have a full span of 27ft.

It has a top speed of 65mph on the road, but that soars to 115mph in the air.

Drivers can convert it from a two-seater road car to a plane in less than 30 seconds with the touch of a button.

It doesn't have a gearstick, but on the road can be controlled with brake and accelerator pedals and a steering wheel like an ordinary car. In the air it is operated with a joystick near the steering wheel.

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