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They say it's your birthday: a plan for how Obama can compromise with Republicans


As we all know, for weeks now Republicans and Democrats has been wrestling over the issue of slashing spending and raising taxes. Republicans absolutely refuse to raise taxes and Democrats insist. In fact, Democrats have suggested ending tax breaks for corporate jets owners.

According to several reports, this would only contribute $3 billion (spread out over a decade) to the federal deficit, a savings of one-tenth of 1 percent of the overall deficit.

So here's an idea:

In a recent article that Meredith Jessup posted, “President Obama is scheduled to boogie down in Chicago with celebrities and other VIPs at a birthday bash/political fundraiser hosted by the Obama Victory Fund 2012, a joint money operation of Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).”

The most interesting fact? Couples can get the “VIP treatment” for as much as $35,800 a pop.

According to the Aargon ballroom website (where the event is being hosted), their hall has 2,500 chairs available. Well that’s good news! 2,500 people can attend. Now let’s do the math. If team Obama invites only couples at $35,800 per couple, then we’re on to something. We could say that 2,500 couples being charged $35,800 a head would generate $96,250,000! Granted, this is not enough to cover the current $1.5 trillion deficit but we can build on this plan.

According to CNN politics, “president Obama has played more than 60 rounds of golf during the first half of his term.” Now if Obama were to focus just half of the days spent golfing on charging $38,500 per couple at 2,500 capacity parties, then that would put us at $2,887,500,000! If he were to dedicate the full 60 days, then that would bring us to $5,775,000,000!

That is far more than can be raised with a corporate jet tax and it would allow Obama to continue rubbing elbows with rock stars and Hollywood socialites. So why not?

The Democrats could back away from the taxes Republicans refuse to cave on and they could actually out raise the amount projected with the earlier tax proposal. And it wouldn't take a decade to do it. It would take 60 days.

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