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Sheila Jackson Lee: GOP Complicating Debt Debate Because Obama is Black


She says Obama is treated "disrespectfully..."

During the entire debt ceiling debate thus far, has the thought of "race" popped into your head at all? Could the two be related in some way, shape, or form? For Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, who conservatives believe often plays the race-card to deflect attention from the issues at hand, of course they are!

On Friday The Hill reported that Jackson Lee thinks members of Congress are purposely making it difficult for President Obama to raise the debt ceiling because he is black.  Jackson Lee, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, reportedly said she doesn't understand the "maligning and maliciousness" she sees being directed toward Obama. She also believes the President is "disrespected" because "he is different."

“Why is he different? And in my community, that is the question that we raise. In the minority community that is question that is being raised. Why is this president being treated so disrespectfully? Why has the debt limit been raised 60 times? Why did the leader of the Senate continually talk about his job is to bring the president down to make sure he is unelected?”

"I am particularly sensitive to the fact that only this president — only this one, only this one — has received the kind of attacks and disagreement and inability to work, only this one," said Jackson Lee from the House floor.

Jackson Lee went on to say it is necessary to raise the debt ceiling in order to "pay our bills," inferring the GOP would disregard doing even what is "necessary," simply to disparage the President over his race.

"Read between the lines," she continued. "What is different about this president that should put him in a position that he should not receive the same kind of respectful treatment of when it is necessary to raise the debt limit in order to pay our bills, something required by both statute and the 14th amendment?"

Townhall brings us the video:

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The Hill reports that Jackson Lee concluded by saying she hoped someone would prove her wrong, however, she doesn't believe she is.

"I hope someone will say that what it appears to be is not in fact accurate," said Lee. "But historically it seems to be nothing more."

This type of rhetoric, however, seems nothing new for the congresswoman, who critics claim often engages in race-baiting.

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