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Bizarre: Post I.Ds Boehner as chain-smoker in debt-ceiling story


In a story headlined "Five questions on the debt-ceiling debate," Washington Post writer Alec MacGillis seemed to call out Speaker John Boehner on his smoking habits. In question-and-answer format, the article analyzes and explains the debt-ceiling problem swallowing up Washington. Simple enough. But then there's this:

Who is calling  the shots on the Republican side?

Unclear. Republicans’ lock-step unity against Obama on issues like the economic stimulus package and health-care reform has given way to disarray. Boehner, the chain-smoking House veteran from the Cincinnati suburbs, seemed genuinely interested in striking a historic deal.

We reached out to MacGillis for clarification on how debt talks and chain-smoking are related. In an e-mail, he told THE BLAZE :

[J]ust giving a little color to an otherwise sober policy piece and giving readers a small sense of who these guys are - Boehner's a dealmaker, Cantor's a telegenic striver, and McConnell's a tactician. I also mentioned Boehner's golfplaying with Obama but then cut it for space.
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