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New Jersey Restaurant Owner Ordered to Remove American Flag Banners


He would "die" for the American flag.

Another patriotic American is reportedly under threat for refusing to remove his American flag, or, in this case, flags. This time, a restaurant owner in Middle Township, New Jersey has been told by the township to remove his American flags as they are displayed in a banner-style.

Apparently, the township has an ordinance in place prohibiting the public display of any "stringed banners." However, Media Research Center states the township also allows American flags to be flown or displayed without limitation. So, which is it?

The owner of the Four Seasons Diner, originally from Greece, reportedly told reporters he will not remove his banners and would "die" and "go to jail" for the American flag.  "I want to see who is going to take these flags down," he said.

Meanwhile, the township is threatening to fine the owner $1000.

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