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Would You Perform 'Mouth to Beak' Resuscitation?


One veterinarian did, giving "bird CPR" to an injured bald eagle and saving its life.

It happened while the eagle, nicknamed "Patriot" was under anesthesia during physical therapy on Wednesday. He stopped breathing, so Bend, Ore. veterinarian Jeff Cooney stepped in to perform "mouth to beak" until Patriot started breathing on his own again.

According to the Associated Press, two women found the injured eagle near Crane Prairie Reservoir in June. The eagle had suffered, among other injuries, a dislocated shoulder and paralyzed right leg.

Cooney said he doesn't know whether he will be able to return Patriot to the wild. If the bird's foot doesn't improve in the next three weeks, Cooney says he could be forced to euthanize him.

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