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Graphic Images: SF Police Gun Down Man Skipping Bus Fare -- But is There More to the Story?


"It's a sad case, just a sad case."

San Francisco police shot and killed a 19-year-old man after he fired upon them during a foot chase Saturday. The deceased, a Washington state parolee wanted for questioning in the slaying of a pregnant woman in Seattle last week, was shot while fleeing from police trying to cite him for evading bus fare:

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The suspect was shot by police after resisting two uniformed SFPD officers attempting to detain him at around 4:45 p.m. Saturday. The man, whose name has not yet been released, was pronounced dead at 7:01 p.m. after being taken to an area hospital. San Francisco's police chief announced Sunday afternoon that investigators had recovered the gun of the man killed in the city's Bayview neighborhood, hours after the shooting . KTVU reports:

"As documented in a cell phone video of the shooting incident posted on YouTube, a witness to the shooting had retrieved the gun and ran off with it. Investigators tracked down the weapon several hours later.

'Due to the cooperation of the community, independent witnesses, and the incredible teamwork of the Bayview officers and the gang task force, we recovered the weapon at 10:30 last night,' Suhr said. 'God bless the Bayview community members who had the courage to come forward and pretty much tell us the entire story.”'

Suhr later said that SFPD’s relationship with the Bayview community has contributed to a 50 percent reduction in homicides in recent years.

At the scene of the shooting Sunday, protesters surrounded a memorial for the teenager and claimed the shooting was racially motivated."

A YouTube video helped investigators find the firearm, reports ABC San Francisco:

Police first attempted to cite the man for "Muni" fare evasion. The aunt of the Seattle pregnant teen killed the day after she turned 19 spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday night:

"It was a freak accident - she was in a wrong place at the wrong time," Bankston said. The shooter, she said, "had a dispute with someone on the street and he opened fire. She was an innocent girl caught in the cross fire. It's a sad case, just a sad case."
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