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'Sad, Pathetic, Fear Mongering': Rep. Allen West Running Out of Adjectives for Obama


"Trying to turn people against... viable solutions."

Rep. Allen West pulled no punches in his biting critique of President Obama's handling of the debt ceiling negotiations. In this interview with CNSNews, the Congressman decried Obama's implied threat that social security checks might not go out if the debt ceiling is not raised, and referred once again to this lapse in leadership as "sad, pathetic, fear mongering."

Rep. West draws upon his experience as a military officer to describe how any executive with managerial experience learns to prioritize resources. Rep. West believes the President must find a way to extend current revenues such that seniors and veterans continue to receive their benefits regardless of the debt ceiling.

Watch the clip below of the CNS interview to get the full Rep. West critique:

(h/t CNS)

As an aside: Rep. West has also taken to Twitter to make his opinion about the debt ceiling and how it plays into the federal government's spending habits clear:

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