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I'm Dead! Bye!' Skydiver Films His Own 15,000 Ft. Free Fall


"It's my life, it's what I love..."

Five years ago, New Zealand skydiver Michael Holmes jumped out of an airplane with a parachute attached to his back. The air whipped over his body as gravity pulled him to the ground in an exhilarating, controlled fall. At 15,000 ft. above ground, he pulled his parachute. And that's when an awesome jump turned to awful.

At that moment, Holmes's parachute malfunctioned. He started an incredible free fall traveling at an extreme rate of speed and headed for some vegetation. Eventually, he crashed. And survived.

The entire incident was caught on a helmet camera, where Holmes can be heard declaring "I'm dead!" and "Bye!":

Incredibly, Holmes suffered nothing more than a couple broken bones. Consequently, his story was featured on the National Geographic show "The Indestructibles" on Sunday. The show looks at miraculous survival stories, and examined how it was possible for Holmes to survive.

In an Q&A with National Geographic, Holmes said a design flaw in the parachute caused it to malfunction. He also said he never considered not skydiving again.

"It's my life, it's what I love, and I can't imagine not doing it," he explained. "If you have a car crash, most people will still drive again. Skydiving again to me is no different from driving again"

The show will air again on July 21 on the NatGeo channel at 10 pm ET.

(H/T: Grind TV)

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