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LulzSec Hacks Into Murdoch-Owned News International, Publishes Fake Story of Murdoch's Drug Overdose Death


News International now redirects to LulzSec's Twitter page.

LulzSec is making waves again, this time hacking into a News International website to publish a fake report claiming the company's chairman and CEO, Rupert Murdoch, died of an overdose of the heavy metal palladium, which he had apparently "melted" in order to ingest. The report masqueraded as a copy of The Sun and claimed the embattled media mogul stumbled into his "famous topiary garden" before collapsing on top of a "particularly large garden hedge fashioned into a galloping horse."

The fake Sun report was allegedly published on the News International owned site:

The copy read:

Media moguls body discovered


Published: Today

Rupert Murdoch, the controversial media mogul, has reportedly been found dead in his garden, police announce.

Murdoch, aged 80, has said to have ingested a large quantity of palladium before stumbling into his famous topiary garden late last night, passing out in the early hours of the morning.

“We found the chemicals sitting beside a kitchen table, recently cooked,” one officer states. “From what we can gather, Murdoch melted and consumed large quantities of it before exiting into his garden.”

Chemicals found in house

Authorities would not comment on whether this was a planned suicide, though the general consensus among locals and unnamed sources is that this is the case.

One detective elaborates. “Officers on the scene report a broken glass, a box of vintage wine, and what seems to be a family album strewn across the floor, containing images from days gone by; some containing handpainted portraits of Murdoch in his early days, donning a top hat and monocle.”

Another officer reveals that Murdoch was found slumped over a particularly large garden hedge fashioned into a galloping horse. “His favourite”, a butler, Davidson, reports.

Butler Davidson has since been taken into custody for additional questioning.

Reports claim the heavy volume of traffic to News International's site caused its server to overload and crash. Once the site was removed -- presumably by administrators seeking to address the problem -- LulzSec claimed News International's site now redirects viewers to the hacking group's own Twitter page. The Blaze attempted bringing up the News International website but it currently appears to be down.

Meanwhile, in addition to the fake Sun story, LulzSec and another hacking group, "Anonymous," also claim to have hacked into News International's mail servers with the promise of a press release due tomorrow.

One can only begin to imagine what that might say.

(H/T: ars technica)

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