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Gwyneth Paltrow Plans to Raise Children in Jewish Environment After Renouncing 'Organized Religion


"More people have died because of religious conflict than any other reason."

It seems Gwyneth Paltrow has had a change of heart when it comes to religion. Last year, the Oscar-winning actress had some disparaging things to say about faith and its role in world affairs. However, after a televised experience earlier this year in which she was able to review in-depth analysis of her connection to Judaism, Paltrow has allegedly changing course and is pledging to raise her children in a Jewish environment. This revelation comes despite her husband and his band Coldplay's support for Palestine in the past.

After appearing on NBC's ancestry program "Who Do You Think You Are?," Mail Online is reporting that Paltrow, who was raised by a Christian mother and a Jewish father, is reconnecting with her family's faith. Below, watch her journey unfold:

While some outlets are reporting that the actress first learned about her family's "long line of influential East European rabbis" while filming the show, a 2006 profile written by The Guardian proves that she has been more than aware of her family's past history for some time now:

Paltrow is generally perceived as the face of New York Wasp culture, but her father descended from a Russian, rabbinical dynasty. "Like, 17 generations of rabbis - you see, I really am a Jewish princess!"

Regardless of when she was informed about her Jewish background, Paltrow is now reversing course and saying that she wants to raise her daughter Apple, seven, and son Moses, five, in a Jewish environment. She allegedly made these comments to guests of a London event that was hosted by Community Security Trust, a charity that represents the Jewish interests.

If true, her intended action to raise her children with religious influence differs greatly from past statements she has made. In March 2010, Woman's Day asked Paltrow if her children are getting a religious upbringing and also pondered what effect being half-Jewish has on the way in which she raises them. Here was her response:

I don't believe in religion. I believe in spirituality. Religion is the cause of all the problems in the world. I don't believe in organised religion at all. It's what separates people. One religion just represents fragments, it causes war. More people have died because of religious conflict than any other reason.

Interestingly, Mail Online reports that Paltrow wouldn't necessarily be considered a true Jew. According to a genealogy expert, religion passes through the matriarchal line, thus Paltrow, whose mother is a Christian, would not be considered Jewish based on religious law:

"Miss Paltrow may just want to follow traditions that she did as a child, like observing the Sabbath, keeping a kosher home and celebrating holidays,’ the expert said.

On another note, Paltrow's husband Chris Martin of the band "Coldplay" has Christian roots. Aside from the complications this could cause (though there is no direct evidence that a conflict would arise should Paltrow carry through with her plans), Martin was recently involved in supporting a pro-Palestinian pop song. As The Blaze's Jonathon Seidl reported back in June:

A group of international pop singers has just collaborated on an anti-Israel, pro-Palestine song that accuses Israel of “crimes against humanity” and “illegal occupation,“ and demands ”freedom for Palestine.” And the song is being publicly supported by the likes of British powerhouse group Coldplay.

While no one is entirely sure how deeply Paltrow will delve into her Jewish heritage, this is certainly another interesting element worth noting. It will be intriguing to see if, indeed, the actress follows through on her faith-filled plans.

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