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CNN Host Morgan Ambushes British Lawmaker Over Saying He Hacked Phones


"Repeat it, show some balls."

CNN host Piers Morgan unleashed on-air fury against British MP Louise Mensch after she claimed on the floor of Parliament that Morgan had "boasted" of hacking into phones in his book "The Insider."

MP Mensch made the accusation during a televised session of Parliament that during his tenure as editor at the Daily Mirror in the UK, Morgan claimed in his book to have hacked phones for scoops. Mensch even claimed that Morgan's book contained a phone hacking tutorial.

That, Morgan says, is entirely untrue.

Morgan is now demanding an apology from Mensch, but he cannot count on Britain's notorious defamation laws for what he believes is justice. MP Mensch made her comments on the floor of Parliament, giving here ironclad protection against any such suit under British law. And she has already said she isn't taking back a word of it.

Watch the CNN clip below to see Morgan respond to the accusation (and read the blurb in question), and then call into Wolf Blitzer's show and ambush Mensch, accusing her of "cowardice" and an "outrageous attempt to smear my name:"

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