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My Debt Recovery Plan

Hammacher Schlemmer's Inspiration Archipiod

While the Republicans and Democrats play their partisan games to the detriment of the country as a whole, some of us are busy coming up with solutions. My solution? The Inspiration Archipod.

The Archipod came to my attention via the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, which normally makes the recycle pile within two minutes of my receiving it. It's described as an "environment conducive for creative working, meditation, and innovation." So, you buy it for $40,000 and then sit in it - meditating on the fact you spent $40,000 on a think-egg.

Now, I don't believe in punitive taxes on these people. Instead, I suggest Washington take advantage of the fact that Archipod buyers a) are clearly loaded and b) have absolutely no idea what to do with their money. I have no doubts that Washington's Finest could come up with ingenious ways to convince (sucker?) them into redirecting their overwhelming financial resources to more noble causes. Ideally they wouldn't feel the need to raise taxes, thus leaving us with more disposable income to spend on circulation improving leg wraps.

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