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There's Hope for Future Generations: Good Kids Exist... and We've Got the Proof


Washington DC can learn a lot from two young men who happen to be on different sides of the (baseball) aisle. Ian and Nicholas are young baseball fans.  Ian loves the Diamondbacks and Nicholas thinks the Brewers are the best.

Both young men were at Chase Field in Arizona yesterday, watching the Diamondbacks take on the Brewers. Between innings, The Milwaukee second baseman, Rickie Weeks tossed a ball into the stands and Nicholas fumbled it... Someone else handed the souvenir baseball to Ian, who was pleased with his good fortune until he saw how upset Nicholas was over missing the toss. That's when the young Diamondback fan made the "play of the day."

Ian (who appeared to be at the game with two other young friends) did not need any prodding. He just walked over and gave the ball to Nicholas.

With the call are announcers Darren Sutton and Mark Grace:

For his unselfish act, Ian was rewarded with a visit to the broadcast booth, tickets to another game, and autographed baseball bat from his favorite player.

Moments like that kind of renew your faith in the future.

H/T to MLB and Yahoo Sports (and of course to young Ian - well done!)

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