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Convicted: Woman Tries to Shoot Cop With Unloaded Gun, But Gets Shot in Butt by Officer


The bullets fell out of her gun during the chase.

Shandra Kidd was shot in the buttocks after she tried to shoot a police officer with an unloaded gun (via the Chicago Sun-Times)

A Chicago woman who tried to shoot a police officer without realizing the bullets had fallen out of her gun was sentenced to 55 years in prison Thursday.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Shandra Kidd was running from officers during the 2007 incident, and when an officer caught up with her, she stuck a gun in the officer's chest and pulled the trigger — but the gun didn't go off.

They continued to wrestle, and Kidd fired again at the officer's chest, but the gun still did not go off.

At that point, the officer shot Kidd — in the buttocks.

Police later discovered the bullets had fallen out of Kidd's gun when the cylinder opened during the chase.

Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez called Kidd's 55-year sentence "a fitting and a just sentence for anyone who would be so bold as to fire a gun at a police officer."

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