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Surveillance Video: Two Women Steal Expensive Champagne from Liquor Store by Hiding Bottles Up Skirts!


They shoved the bottles up their skirts, into a "holding bracket."

People always seem to forget about security cameras when attempting to boldly break the law. This time, surveillance video snagged two women at a South Florida liquor store "shoving" expensive bottles of champagne up their skirts into what one reporter called some kind of "holding bracket."

The video captures the two women grabbing various bottles and placing them up their skirts.

According to the owner of the liquor store, the two "big ladies" came in and took four bottles of Moet rose champagne reportedly worth $90 a bottle. WSVN7 reports:

According to the owner, Paul Mouts, the two women made their way to the back of the liquor store, opened the cooler and put several Champagne bottles under their skirts. "One of them took it out, put it on the shelf, looked back to the clerk, saw she wasn't looking. She grabbed it, put it up her skirt. She must have something in her skirt 'cuz it went in really easy," said Mouts.

Mouts says he doesn't believe stealing like this is "worth it" and that the women are "lowlife people." He is also allegedly frustrated because he believes he works hard for his money and then "two big ladies come like that and take it just like that."

According to WSVN, Mout's store in addition to another liquor store nearby was robbed in precisely the same manner back in October.

Police are now reportedly on the hunt for the two women, who by now, might be celebrating their victory with bottles of bubbly.

Watch the ridiculous skirted bandits below:

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