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Possible presidential bid by double-rainbow guy


If the current crop of presidential candidates just isn't doing it for you, the 2012 race might have one more contender. And we're not talking about Sarah Palin or Rick Perry.

He's not officially on any ballot but Paul “Bear” Vasquez, the Internet's favorite double-rainbow enthusiast, has launched a presidential campaign on Facebook using the "votocracy" app. He has also uploaded a video to YouTube to gain support and tout his ideas for the country. In the video, Vasquez says if he were elected president (he admits it would be a long shot), he would "declare a state of emergency" and create a department of alternative energy. He says ending dependency on foreign oil will solve "all our problems."

Vasquez shot to Internet fame last year when his YouTube video, in which he hysterically praises the beauty of a double rainbow he spotted at Yosemite National Park, went viral. The video has more than  29 million views.

Check out his campaign video:

[youtube expand=1]

And here's the original video that made Vasquez a star:

[youtube expand=1]

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