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Norwegian Hero Recalls Rescuing Over a Dozen Children With Boat During Massacre


He thought some of the children were still alive, but they weren't.

The unspeakable tragedy that occurred in Norway is enough to shake one's faith in mankind to the core, and the selfless acts of heroes like Kaspar Ilguard are enough to restore it.

In the aftermath of the fatal shooting spree on Utoya island, one vacationer found himself in the midst of the carnage, rescuing over a dozen children in his boat and shuttling them to safety.

Ilguard, who said he's vacationed in the area for the last five to six years, was boating on the outskirts of Utoya island when he witnessed the massacre unfold. During a chilling interview with CNN, Ilguard recalled seeing three children huddled together, hiding behind a large stone near the shore. He intended to rescue them before realizing they were, in fact, already deceased.

But thankfully, Ilguard didn't turn his boat around. Instead, he made roughly three trips to various parts of Utoya's shore, rescuing over a dozen children.

In total, Ilguard said he saw at least ten dead bodies on the island. But despite the heartrending tragedy that occurred on Utoya, Ilguard still thinks of the island fondly, calling it a "pearl."

And while Ilguard said he will remember and respect those who were killed, "life must go on."

Watch the poignant interview below:

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