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Pastor Delivers Controversial NASCAR Prayer: Thanks God for 'Smokin' Hot Wife


“In Jesus' name, boogity boogity boogity, Amen.”

A Tennessee pastor shocked more than a few spectators on Saturday during the NASCAR Federated Auto Parts 300 Nationwide series race. Why? Not only did he thank God for "Dodges" and "Toyotas" during the pre-race prayer, but he made sure to thank the Almighty for his "smokin' hot wife."

Reuters recounts the epic invocation by Pastor Joe Nelms of Family Baptist Church in Gladeville, Tenn:

He thanked God for such things as "these mighty machines that you've brought before us," going on to cite the wonders of Dodges and Toyotas and Fords.

Prayerful thanks then were directed to, among other things,

"Sunoco Racing Fuel and Goodyear tires that bring performance and power to the track."

But it was when he got to his family that he had fans and drivers unsuccessfully holding back laughter.

"Lord I want to thank you for my smokin' hot wife tonight, Lisa, my two children, Eli and Emma, or as we like to call them the Little E's."

The prayer was quickly captured by many and posted on YouTube, and shows several breaking out in laughter during the normally serious ritual:

The prayer is reminiscent of one given during the comedy movie "Talladega Nights" (which centers around NASCAR racing) starring Will Ferrell:

But as HuffPo points out, Nelms is no stranger to epic, pre-race prayers. The outlet posted two other videos of past prayers that seem to be a warm-up to his instantly infamous one on Saturday:

Nelms was unavailable to comment about his latest invocation to Reuters.

But while some may find Nelms's prayer irreverent, at least one person liked it, race winner Carl Edwards.

“I turned to Jack (Roush) after that. I said, ‘If anything happens, I want him to be at my funeral,'" Edwards said according to the Christian Post. "That was one of the best invocations I have ever heard."

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