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Pelosi to Union Workers: GOP Wants Americans to 'Sacrifice,' While They 'Get the Wealth


GOP wants to "destroy" literally everything, including clean water.

The polarizing rhetoric from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is still in full throttle. Speaking to a crowd of union workers on Capitol Hill Tuesday, Pelosi unleashed a tirade accusing Republicans of wanting "destroy" everything -- from food safety, to clean air and water, to education and "your rights." According to Pelsosi, the GOP wants Americans to "sacrifice" while they enjoy the spoils of...well, what, exactly, we're still unclear.

According to TPM, Pelosi blasted the GOP saying:

"This isn't just about them saying we should reduce the deficit," she said, adding: "This is an excuse. The budget deficit is an excuse for the Republicans to undermine government plain and simple. They don't just want to make cuts, they want to destroy. They want to destroy food safety, clean air, clean water, the department of education. They want to destroy your rights."

Pelosi alleges Democrats approach to the debt problem is not only more balanced but is aimed at improving the lives of the middle class workers to whom she was speaking. Of Republicans, Pelosi continued:

"They do not like the government," Pelosi said. "They're riding an engine of popular support for, ok we have to reduce the deficit. And they're using that to destroy."

"The Speaker has said that between him and the president they have a different vision of America and that's how come their budget proposals are different," she sad. "Quite different...We get the sacrifice, they get the wealth."

Watch Pelosi's speech below:

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