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Indonesia: Muslim Cleric Halts Wedding After Groom Turns Out to Be Woman!


Apparently, surprises like this are common in Indonesia.

Well here's something you don't see at every wedding. A couple in Indonesia was reportedly about to exchange vows before a Muslim cleric when the "groom" forgot accidentally betrayed a female voice.

The congregation then became suspicious.

According to Times Live, an Indonesia news site explains what happened at the altar:

"When the cleric asked him questions, his voice turned soft, like that of a woman," said a police officer investigating the woman for fraud.

"It turned out the groom is really a woman," he said. "She looked very much like a man and her voice was heavy."

But, this might actually be a growing trend in Indonesia. Apparently just last year an Indonesian man reportedly filed a police report after he actually married someone he met on Facebook only to find out his new wife was a man.

And some people think they've got dating problems?

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