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Jon Stewart Pans Obama's Debt Speech With Communist Hammer and Sickle


"Did the President just quit?"

In general, a Jon Stewart clip isn't complete if it doesn't offend both the right and left. This, then, is a classic Stewart piece.

On Tuesday night, Stewart decided to tackle the president's debt speech from Monday evening. Frances Martel over at Mediaite explains Stewart "enthusiastically brandished a hammer and sickle at the President for his calls to raise taxes on the rich, but found himself disillusioned at the rallying cry to call Congressmen and encourage them to compromise: 'Did the President just quit?'"

Even though Stewart mocked those who think Obama has socialist tendencies, he also equally panned the president's lackluster content, wondering why the president went on national TV to, in essence, ask people to call Congress.

"That's your idea, call your congressman?" Stewart asked. Not happy, he compared it to him asking the president to come over and mow Stewart's lawn.

You can watch the segment below:

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