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New Scratch N' Sniff Book Captures NYC's Delicious Aromas...and Foul Stenches


"From fresh bagels and pizza, to garbage and sewer steam..."

If you've ever been to New York City, you've probably experienced a wide array of scents. From the mouth-watering aromas coming from food carts to the often grotesque and unexplainable stenches rising from sewers, the city's many scents are diverse in nature. In an effort to capture all of these aromas (both good and bad), author Amber C. Jones has created a unique new scratch n' sniff book.

Jones, who has likely learned a great deal about the city's many smells while working as a concierge for the past 10 years, has aptly titled the project, "New York, Phew York." On the book's web site, the following description is given:

The story is told through the eyes of a child on a family vacation. It's an exciting, interactive journey through all of the New York City's neighborhoods, as recommended by a hotel concierge whom the family befriends!

All of the books smells are synonymous with the city - both good and bad. From fresh bagels and pizza, to garbage and sewer steam, this book ventures into 19 neighborhoods and uncovers many hours of scratch-and-sniff scents!

So, why a book on smells and stenches, you ask? According to Gothamist, Jones says:

“There are books out there that give you a great feel of the city and there are books out there where you can see what New York looks like, but there are no books out there where you can smell what New York smells like."

Below, watch the author explain "New York, Phew York" in her own words:

After learning about the project, The New York Post decided to take to the streets of NYC to ask citizens for their opinions about the book. In the clip, watch interview subjects discuss some of the most stench-ridden localities, while weighing in on their opinions about Jones' new effort. Watch below:

Some people may shy away from purchasing a book that may include some less-than-pleasant scents. Still, this is certainly an intriguing project. You can help the author move "New York, Phew York" to bookshelves by clicking here.

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