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Trump: Obama 'Turning Jimmy Carter-esque,' Republicans 'Have all the Cards' For Debt Deal


"Default is a scare tactic."

Donald Trump was only a Republican presidential hopeful for a few weeks, but he has been a dealmaker most of his life, and in this video interview, he implores Republicans to hold the line on the debt ceiling negotiations.

Newsmax called "the Donald" and asked him to weigh in on the political wrangling surrounding a possible default, which he said is not going to happen on August 2nd. Trump believes it is an artificial deadline conjured by Geithner and the administration to put pressure on the Republicans. He pointed out that many were calling for a crash in the market this past Monday, and nothing of significance happened.

The Donald waxed political on a range of other issues from the need to get rid of Obamacare ("I know people who will close their businesses because of it") to his overall assessment of Obama's administration (the president is"'turning Jimmy Carter-esque"):

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