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Wednesday evening must-reads


A "trillion-dollar gimmick": Paul Ryan slams Reid plan

Downgrade vs. default: Which is worse?

John Bolton backs John Boehner

What happens if Boehner's debt plan goes through?

No ceiling on morality: What are the moral implications of the debt debate?

House Dems encourage Obama to skip congressional approval

California -- the "pickpocket state"--passes state DREAM Act

Head of Barack Obama’s Economic Advisory Panel moves business to China

John Stossel: What we don't know about history can hurt us

Ann Coulter: NYTimes reader kills dozens in Norway

Whatever happened to Obama's War Powers Act controversy?

Remarkable color photographs from WWII of London blitz

Congress hopes airlines will pass tax savings onto passengers

Preschoolers are actually tiny geniuses

John McCain makes obscure Lord of the Rings reference, labeling tea partiers as "hobbits":

h/t CNSNews

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White woman wins Miss Universe Zimbabwe — and not everyone is cheering

Does THIS prove the Left is DONE with Biden?

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