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Can You Bring Your Pet Goat Into The Apple Store? YES!


"Do you have any grass...?"

It is no secret that Apple Computer (AAPL) has become wildly successful. Many assume this is due to Apple's producing "must-have" products that inspire customer loyalty levels that are the envy of the digital universe. Still others contend that customer service has more to do with the company creating "Apple Allegiance" thanks to the welcoming and accepting attitude found at all Apple Stores around the country.

I believe it's because Apple allows people to bring their pet goats into the stores.

Our friends at MyDamn Channel wondered if there were limits to the hospitality offered at the Apple Stores. Comedian Mark Malkoff wanted to see just how far he could go and still be welcomed at Apple stores. Dogs are permitted in the stores, but what about goats?  Can Darth Vadar get his iPhone fixed? This short video shows Malkoff testing those theories at various NYC-area Apple stores, and also as a location for a romantic date with his wife and a place to have a pizza delivered.

(H/T To The Clever Nut Jobs at MyDamnChannel)

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