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Rep. Jackson Lee Calls for Terror Hearing on Rupert Murdoch & ‘Right Wing Extremists’


"ideologues who advocate violence...and the terrorizing of certain groups"

The third Muslim radicalization meeting of the House Homeland Security Committee kicked off Wednesday, and while the focus was supposed to be on the Al-Qaeda affiliated al-Shabaab group in Somalia, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D- Texas) abruptly changed the subject -- first to Rupert Murdoch, then to "right wing ideologues."

Rep. Jackson Lee submitted for the record a letter requesting the House committee hold hearings on Rupert Murdoch's alleged hacking into the phones of 9/11 victims.

Then she moved to her primary target, stating "I would like to have a hearing on right wing extremists, ideologues who advocate violence...and the terrorizing of certain groups:"

Rep. Jackson Lee believes such hearings would be necessary in order for the House to consider the threat of terrorism in a "fair and accurate manner."

The suggestion is in line with her previous comments. In the Blaze's past coverage of the Rep. Jackson Lee's participation in the Muslim radicalization hearings, we showed video of the Congresswoman suggesting the possibility that "Christian militants might bring down this country."

(via CNS News)

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