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DC bakery closes, Rove blames Obama


Furin's Bakery, located in Washington, DC, was open for 27 years, but Sunday was its last day of business. And it's President Obama's fault that it's closing, according to Karl Rove. The former advisor to George W. Bush took to the op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal last Thursday to lament the closing of the bakery, which was a favorite of his, saying:

There are worse hardship cases in America, but this one is bad enough. It is in large part the result of the economy that Mr. Obama owns.

The baker's owner, Bernie Furin, is a friend of Rove and said the op-ed was written as somewhat of a favor. "He was doing it for me — let’s put it that way," Furin told the Washington Post.

And if you're wondering what kept Rove coming back to the Georgetown neighborhood favorite: "He loves our pancakes," said Furin.

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