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Dem. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Calls Debt Deal 'A Sugar-Coated Satan Sandwich


"Democrats got nothing in this deal, and if we did, someone please show it to me."

Earlier this morning, The Blaze reported on the discontent over the last-minute debt deal that is steaming from both sides of the political aisle. While there have been a plethora of responses coming from conservatives and liberals, alike, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a Missouri Democrat, was most creative in capturing his disdain for the deal. The congressman sent the following message out to his followers on Twitter:

Following this epic Tweet, Cleaver went on to send a litany of messages that corroborated his "satan sandwich" stance. At the heart of his disgust is the fact that he sees only cuts and no "revenue increases" in the compromise. Read below for more:

Aside from lamenting the fact that the debt deal goes against the teachings of world religions (Cleaver is also a United Methodist pastor), the congressman commented on the losses his party sustained as a result of the compromise. In a more recent Tweet, he writes, "Democrats got nothing in this deal, and if we did, someone please show it to me."

Below, watch Cleaver describe his "satan sandwich" message:

While I'm personally  huge fan of carb-filled delights, a sugar-coated Satan sandwich probably does have some less-than-palatable remnants under its bun. But, is this a decent analogy for the nation's debt deal? I'll let you decide.

(h/t National Journal)

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