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I'll Kill Every One of You Motherfu**ers!' Second Explosive Canton Cop Video Emerges


"You fu**ing move and I'll shoot you in the head!"

  • Canton, OH officer Daniel Harless caught again on video threatening to kill citizens during a traffic stop.

  • Latest video actually took place in July 2010.

  • Some similarities to incident that surfaced last month, when he threatened to kill a concealed carry gun owner.
  • Suspect says he was "freaked out."

  • Police chief is investigating both incidents.

"I'll kill every one of you motherfu**ers!"

That's how a second alleged video of now-infamous Canton, OH Cop Daniel Harless, who was caught on video released earlier this month threatening to kill a legal concealed carry gun owner, starts.

(Watch the original video)

In the new video, an officer who looks and sounds like Harless, can be heard threatening a group of people during another traffic stop. The time stamp on the dash cam says the video is from July 29, 2010. In it, as in the last one, the officer is upset after finding a gun in the car. Unlike the last incident, however, it's believed those involved in the 2010 did not have a permit for the weapon.

But while the details surrounding the incidents are not identical, it does appear Harless is starting to show a pattern of losing his temper when it comes to arrests, and even recycling some of the same death threats.

"You fu**ing move and I'll shoot you in the head!" he can be heard yelling, which is similar to a line used in the first video.

"I'll send you both to the grave!" he continues. "Do not fu**ing move a muscle or I'll put you in the grave."

"Now I'll tell you what motherfu**er, I'll shoot you in the face and go to sleep tonight." Later he says, "you move and I will shoot you," and "get the fu** out before I shoot you."

You can watch the video below, but content WARNING -- it contains extremely violent and unedited language:

The Canton Repository reports that the officer in both videos has been identified as Harless, and that the new video was released after it requested the 2010 footage.

The Repository has more details from the 2010 stop, including that the suspect in that date's video pled guilty to a gun charge:

Harless pulled his weapon and ordered — in profanity laced language — the man and woman in the back seat not to move or he would shoot.


In his report on the incident, Harless wrote that the man looked as if he was trying to make a decision whether to pick up the gun or leave it alone, and that he yelled several orders to the man that he and the woman would be shot if she kept moving around.

The man and woman were eventually removed from the truck. The gun, a .25-caliber semi-automatic pistol, was found loaded with a round in the chamber, according to police reports.

The man with the gun at his feet pleaded guilty in March to improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle, a felony, and was placed on probation.

According to the Repository, no one filed a complaint with internal affairs. However, internal affairs has now opened up an investigation into the second incident.

WJW-TV interviewed one of the suspects in the 2010 video.

“I was freaked out,” Anthony Leone said. “The whole time he’s telling me he’s going to blow my brains out if I move."

It's unclear if Leone is the suspect who pled guilty in the incident:

The local police chief said the results of both investigations will be forwarded on at the appropriate time. But he's being much more cautious about the second video considering the suspect didn't have the proper permission to carray a gun in a car:

"The fact that the incident from last year involved an illegal gun and not a concealed-carry license made it a 'much more dangerous situation to the officers and the officers would have to react in a much more professionally forceful and focused way,' McKimm said."

(H/T: Photography Is Not a Crime)

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